• at September 30, 2018

    I am looking at getting a waste management system for our business. I don’t really know much about these systems, so I’d like to speak to someone with experience in the industry who can give me the best advice about where to start.

    Our business produces a variety of waste. We have recyclable material as well as dry and wet waste. Which company could I approach regarding this? Are there any benefits to using a trash compactor for this type of waste?

  • at September 30, 2018

    I would suggest the same company I use, which is Rotobale Compaction. The good thing about them is that they can create something just for your business. This way, it isn’t more or less than what you need. They have been around for more than 50 years (I think?), so they obviously have a lot of experience in the industry. They can create something tailor made for you which can lead to your business saving money.

    Whenever we had a concern, Rotobale was so quick to help us. They are really good, which you will see for yourself. Contact them and let them know more about your business and your waste management needs.

  • at September 30, 2018

    Would you suggest buying or leasing the equipment?

  • at September 30, 2018

    I wouldn’t suggest either option, but only because it’s a difficult call to make for somebody else without knowing your situation fully. I’d suggest that you speak with Rotobale and ask them this very question. They can help you make the right choice for your situation. I decided to lease mine, but that doesn’t mean you need to do the same.

  • at October 01, 2018

    When you’re shopping for the trash management system, make sure you pick something that’s eco-friendly. You can do your part for the environment and help reduce your waste size so that less of the landfill will be used. This also means fewer trips to the landfill. Fewer trips means less fuel and less pollution released into the atmosphere.

  • at October 02, 2018

    You should buy a pre-crusher. Whatever amount of waste you have, even if it looks like a lot, can be rendered into a smaller amount. This can then be compacted into a vessel or container.

    In essence, you’ll be able to take more waste to a landfill with fewer trips. Even large, bulky items are no match for our pre-crusher. We have a lot of waste to dispose of in our business and the pre-crusher is ideal for us.

    You can also saving money and time with a pre-crusher. If you can reduce the size or amount of your trash, then more of it can fit into a single container. This means you can spend less on containers because you are using fewer containers.

    The equipment is quite safe to operate. A lot of these compactors have to adhere to safety standards, so they’re built with safety in mind.